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Welcome to Rocksinks!

As a worldwide importer, distributor and retailer of the fastest growing bathroom décor niche, Rocksinks prides itself on the selection of the most premium materials used for every one of its individually unique natural stone vessel sinks. Rocksinks brings nature's earthy elements into your bathroom with unparalleled attention to detail and quality.We offer you only the highest standard in bathroom vessel sinks.

Originally crafted from natural river rocks, marble boulders and petrified wood, each of our natural stone sinks is individually hand carved and unique in shape. Whether it is destined to a home, business, hotel or spa, the naturally rough, yet sleek designs of our vessel sinks highlight serene and zen qualities that will bring luxury in your bathroom.

Crafted by nature... Inspired by you.


Create a Zen-Inspired Bathroom design

Elegant and tranquil best describes Zen style, which can often be found as the inspiration in spas and hotel decor. The simplicity and freshness of the Zen style can create the ultimate bathroom sanctuary in your home.

See how our stone vessel sinks can help you achieve a beautiful and peaceful home retreat.

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Industrial Chic Bathroom With Rocksinks

Industrial is a design style that finds beauty in aged, utilitarian design. The look is simple, clean and rugged. 

Any way you implement your Industrial Chic design, remember Rocksinks vessel sinks are the one accessory that will make all the statement you need!

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Choose The Perfect Faucet For Your Stone Vessel Sink

You have been on the hunt for a new vessel sink and you finally settled for a beautiful stone vessel sink from Rocksinks.

You now need to find the perfect faucet to marry your newly purchased stone vessel sink. 

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